Monday, 19 March 2001

Tiffany's, Bangalore

Vittal Mallya Road
Ph : 221 3130/ 221 0377
Bob : 1

Never thought that this would be a place to drink. After all those books floating around the place, always associated Tiffany's with a breakfast joint within India or without.... Would never have stepped into this place except for the unfortunate incident of a car breakdown and what a find it turned out to be.

Tiffany's is THE Place to go for a relaxed afternoon drink and meal. No loud music. No over 13 somethings competing for acoustic and physical space. No outrageous display of flesh to make u feel guilty about missing those morning walks. What better place for a relaxed afternoon and a chilled beer.

There was some really unobtrusive music playing- point 1 against Tom's
Comfortable seating - point in favour of Tiffanys'
No Christian Brothers -point to Toms
Lots of jogging enthusiasts around - point to Toms
Good service- point to Tiffany's
decent food- draw
yakkable quotient - draw
relaxed atmosphere- draw

I guess u could call Tiffany's an upmarket Tom's. Cocktails were about 100/0 bucks each ; BOB around 1. Free MOB with a sizzler. Really nice waiters - not too officious or patronising or loud. Just nice, with a hint of that old world charm around them.

Yes, this is a good place for a weekend afternoon beer and biryani kind of a thing.

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